Hear Words Mixed with Pain

Last week I saw a movie and noticed something:
when I watch a movie to see at the end “based on a true story,”
then my spirit rises.

When I say that a person inspires me, what I really mean is that that
person’s story inspires me.

Stories of people fighting through hours of danger, or pain, or illness, or loneliness to breathe one word of encouragement to one other person–those stories wake me.

The story of Paul in today’s reading includes lines that have helped me and others I have known find good things–including health:

Prostrate and “trembling,” Paul said, “LORD, what wilt thou have me to do?”

In that line hides the secret…told by Boethius, Frankle, Paul, Buddha, Christ, every real prophet of every time and culture…

When in the most pain, in the most terror, in the most humble state,
the people who inspired me most, instead of crumbling into quiting, crumbled into listening.

The pain brought them to a place of hearing…to a place of oneness
perhaps impossible any other way.

Then, after hearing the answer to “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” they got up and even when in the city of pleasure, remembered the answer whispered to them in the shadow of helplessness.

Remembering the voice heard during pain when the pain leaves…
that’s the trick–that’s the secret.

The prophets wrote–not just so that we could read but so that each could remember his own answer when the cloud of pleasure would muffle the soul’s whisper.

Here’s an health exercise: remember your greatest pain, be still and really remember (you may not need to remember, it may surround you now).

After you connect to the pain, you can hear; so, then ask the eternal question, “What would YOU have me to do?.”

Write what you hear and look at it because,
Now you have the map and your walk in the sun and in the shadow
will lead us all to a better place…
and you will find your best health.

Acts: 9-12 _____________________
Chastitiy: Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another’s peace or reputation.
Walk 3 miles__________________________ (print, check when done).
Eat 5 fruits and vegetables________________ (print off and check with each serving of one cup or one medium piece of fruit)

About these 365 Health Strategies (free subscirption).

Peace & health,

Charles Runels, MD


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