#1 Weight Loss Secret–Free

If I only had one hour to talk to you about health, sex-life, & weight control (long-term for the rest of your life!), this is what I would say. This is more than any of those topics, and it’s all of them–this is about your life!

There are so very many ideas about how to be healthy, have better sex, and control your health–you really just cannot even think about them all and of course, doing them all is completely impossible. For example, look at all the supplements and vitamins at your local health food store. Someone will tell you every one of them is good for something…but you can’t take them all.

After 50 years of living, 20 plus years of research and practicing medicine, after treating and interviewing thousands of patients (and personally trying many diets, working as a trainer, doing marathons, triathlons, fasting, praying, meditating, and more than I can remember–if I had to narrow health down to just one thing and then tell you the best way to do that one thing, this is the secret: not just what to do but how to do it.

One of my patients told me that this one recording (one hour and 13 minutes) was worth the $1,500 that he paid to see me.

One nurse made copies of this for every employee in her hospital.

Many people have lost 100 pounds by simply listening and relistening to this recording which tells you a very simple secret that will change your life.

You have heard some of this before, but the combination of the old with the new that you will learn (in total) gives a secret overall method of causing a revolution of your health-DO NOT LISTEN TO PART OF THIS AND THINK THIS IS OLD–YOU WILL BE SURPRISED BEFORE THE ONE HOUR AND 13 MINUTES IS DONE!

Here’s more about what you’ll learn...

Track 1
The magic bullet that prevents cancer, makes you stronger, helps depression better than psychotherapy, lowers blood sugar, and prevents heart disease better than any cholesterol drug, better than any high blood pressure drug, and better than any diabetes medicine.
Track 2
The way to cut your risk of death in half during the next year.
Track 3
The difference between the icing and the cake (and what is the cake of excellent health).
Track 4
How time limitations prevent health (how to win the battle for time to be healthy).
Track 5
The secret to making healthy habits easy and unhealthy practices difficult.
Track 6
Watching television can make you healthy!
Track 7
Why 3 is the magic number that brings excellent health.
Track 8
What Cortez can teach you about how to be healthy (this one tip can change your life if you let it).
Track 9
Why working on your feet can make you fat. The big lie your doctor told you about the stairs.
Track 10
How you may be eating like a Sumo wrestler and how to break the cycle.
Track 11
How to survive the nights.
Track 12
When you should ignore your friends if you want to be healthy.
Track 13
Do you have anything for which you will draw a line in the dirt and dare anyone to step over?
Track 14
How your children can help you be healthy (and why you may be using them to make yourself unhealthy).
Track 15
Secrets I learned as a single parent (to 3 young sons) about how to give your children time and still find time to be healthy.
Track 16
Executive decisions that make you healthier at work and make more time and more money.
Track 17
The best speed to move for health (it’s not what you think…stop counting your pulse, please).
Track 18
Will the weather keep you sick and overweight?
Track 19
Travel and stay healthy and lean.
Track 20
Watch out for these traps!
Track 21
The Magic 10-Minute Rule that can change your life. Please don’t miss this.
Track 22
Are you ready for the fight? (I guarantee you will have one today and you may be whipped before you even know you were in the fight.)
Track 23
Are you dragging these invisible anchors?
Track 24
Marching Orders
Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

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