Write Your Dreams

Week 47 Day 4
November 23

Write Your Dreams

Daniel 7:1. "...Daniel had a dream & visions of his head while on his bead. Then he wrote them down, telling the main facts."

I remember 50 years go, as a child, listening to preachers talk about Daniel’s dreams. Perhaps, his dreams are not the the thing we should most notice.

Maybe the thing to notice is that Daniel paid attention to Daniel’s dreams and then he wrote them down. Perhaps, instead of worrying so much about Daniel’s dreams a few thousand years ago, we should pay attention to our own dreams!

Then, write them down.

Consider a few people who did pay attention to dreams their own, they may surprise you…

Frank Zane. Dream Writer & Bodybuilder

Frank Zane, who competed at less than 200 pounds, built one of the most symmetrically beautiful physiques ever, & with that physique handed a defeat to Arnold Schwarzenegger in body building.

Building such a world-class physique takes a strong mind, not just physical discipline.

In his writings, Mr. Zane repeatedly talks about mind and spirit help develop body.  One of the tools that Mr. Zane used to develop mind, body, & spirit involved paying attention to his dreams and then writing them down in the mornings.

Here’s a quote from one of his books, Mind, Body, Spirit: The Personal Training Diaries”…

About two weeks before the 1977 Mr. Olympia had a dream
down on Venice beach Robbie Robinson throws a long spiral pass
with a football 80 yards then a kid throws a pass even longer
without trying too hard the football hit the hangar where Robbie's model airplane is stored, it explodes. 
Looking back now I know that this means
and realize this kid was me.

--Frank Zane

Everyone was watching Robbie Robinson who had an amazing physique, but Zane was training in sweats at the gym (so no one could see his physique) and didn’t expect Zane to win–he beat Robinson.  He saw his victory in a dream and recorded it, but didn’t really know what it meant until later.

In one of his books, Zane says that the simple habit of writing his dreams helped him see what was bothering him, what inspired him, and sometimes the dreams just make no sense at all. But, still, even when the dreams made no sense, the habit of writing them helped him focus

From the Beatles to Einstein–Dreams that Changed the World

Here’s 10 amazing things revealed in dreams…

  1. The Paul McCartney’s dream led to the song, Yesterday.
  2. Mary Shelley’s dream–the first science fiction novel, Frankenstein.
  3. Niels Bohr dreamed the structure of the atom.
  4. Elias Howe dreamed of savages holding spears pierced and then jumped out of bed at 4 am to design the sewing machine.
  5. Einstein dreamed of going down a hill on a sled; and that dream inspired his theory of relativity.
  6. Srinivasa Ramanujan would dream of a Hindu goddess who write math on a screen of blood (Ramanujan never had any formal training in math but made many breakthroughs in the field). Here’s what he wrote after waking from one of his dreams (an infinite series for pi)….Infinite Series for Pi
  7. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde in 6 days (and he threw away the first 30,000 word draft) in a frenzy after dreaming the tale. Stevenson was sick much if his life and wrote from his bed while taking breaks to cough up blood (we are not sure if he had tuberculosis or sarcoidosis).
  8. Otto Loewi won a nobel prize for showing how nerves work. He dreamed the experiment to prove his theory, then FAILED TO WRITE DOWN THE DREAM! He then drove himself crazy trying to remember the dream without success. Thankfully, the next night, he had the dream again, and this time got out of the bed and did the experiment and proved how nerves work!
  9. August Kekule dreamed of the Ouroboros and then that dream inspired the his discovery of  the benzene ring (this concept allowed many breakthroughs in organic chemistry including the manufacture of drugs).
  10. Frederick Banting used dreams to develop the use of insulin to treat diabetes.

The Health Strategy…

So, Daniel had a dream and wrote it down. And so did Shelley, and Stevenson, and Einstein.

Did Shelley have the dream because she was Shelley?

Or, did Shelley become Shelley because she asked questions and then wrote what she dreamed?

From muscles to math, maybe dreams can help. Not much to lose and much to gain by just putting a little notebook (I recommend paper and pen because as soon as you turn on phone or computer then you get sucked into other people’s dreams)–then when you wake up, just sit up, close your eyes again, remember your dream, then write it (if you wait until you jump out of bed, you’ll forget).

Hope this health strategy helps!

1,3,5 Plan…
Read Daniel 7-8
Virtue: Justice-Wrong none by doing injuries or by avoiding the benefits that are your duty
Eat 5 Fruits & Vegetables____________________-
Walk 3 miles______________

Peace & health,


Charles Runels, MD
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