Shout at a Wall

“Be not disturbed.”
That’s what Ben Franklin determined to do.

But, he didn’t really decide to “do”.
He determined to “not do”–to “not be disturbed.”

The healthy people that I’ve studied focused on doing (not not doing).

Even in war.  Even in sickness.  Even in pain…tranquility by doing.


It’s about the PRACTICE of washing the mind and spirit daily, weekly, hourly, continuously.
As you do when you practice the 1,3,5 plan.

And, when there becomes a problem,
how about marching around it (as seen in today’s reading) day after day,
and then focusing all energy toward problem (in contrast to NOT thinking about it).

Reasons for worry will always be around.  One of the best tips given to me about worry:
When worried, think of something to do.

Perhaps too simple?

Walk around the wall between you and your promised land.
Walk around the wall, study it, and then shout for it to go.

Maybe it won’t crumble.
Maybe it will.

Joshua Chapters 1-7
Virtue:  Tranquility:  Be not disturbed at trifles, nor at accidents common or unavoidable.
Walk 3 miles______
Eat 5 fruits/vegetables_______

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Peace & health,


Charles Runels, MD



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  1. Hi man. Am going to try this at work Monday. Where I work at I will be using this technique alot ?

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