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As a child, 50 years ago, I remember watching my grandfather use a plumb line to measure (he worked as a carpenter at a steel mill in Birmingham but would spend weekends at home building gorgeous furniture that he mostly gave away to friends and family).  Used since Egyptian times, the plumb line gives the true vertical–there is no arguing with a plumb line.

When a carpenter wants to know how to make a wall straight up and down, he/she always trusts the plumb line to show the true vertical (this was used by the Egyptians all the way to the present time)…

Amos 7:7
…behold the LORD stood on a wall made with a plumb line, with a plumb line in his hand.

Here’s the strategy for the day…

Decide on 1 thing–just 1 thing–that will become a plumb line for  you and your health.

What’s the thing that you will do that you decided will always be true about how to have excellent health?

Do you agree that you do need a plumb line to be sure the wall is vertical?
Can you see why having a rule or philosophy that becomes the plumb line is part of what keeps the healthy healthy?

People debate about various forms of exercise and diet, so much so that many wind up with nothing they know to be true about how to have excellent health. People who are not healthy change what they think to be true–what the plumb line will be–or they have no plumb line at all.

Possible plumb lines…

Walking 3 miles a day is something that will help and that I will always do.

Spending 1 hour per day at the YMCA always motivates me to exercise and stay healthy and I will go there 5 days a week.

Eating high sugar foods makes me feel badly and gain weight so I just won’t eat them ever.

These statements are only suggestions, but the Health Strategy that I’m saying is critical is that you do have at least 1 statement of habit or philosophy that you’ve found is doable for you and that leads to good health that you’ve decided will be your plumb line.

Don’t build walls without using plumb lines. Don’t try to build health without having rules to live by that keep you healthy.

365 Health Strategies: December 7
Walk 3 Miles_______________
Eat 5 Fruits/Vegetables______
Read Amos Chapter 7-9_____

Peace & health,


Charles Runels, MD

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