Drink 500 ml

Week 47 Day 1
November 19

First, Drink 500ml

Daniel 1:12. "Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink."

Here’s a simple way to start your day that will help your health more effectively than the simplicity of the method might imply:  When you wake in the morning, before you put anything else in your mouth, drink 500 ml of “Smart Water.”  If you take morning vitamins/supplements, then take those supplements with the water.

First, if you think it’s OK to drink lots of water from the tap, I recommend you read a few of the over 5,000 research papers here that talk about all of the contaminants in water from the tap (click)<–  Everything from arsenic to drugs to caffeine.

Yes, I still drank water from a fountain yesterday at the YMCA. I’m not overly protective about it. But, most of the water that I drink does not come from the tap.

Plenty of people make an art out of what’s the best wine. Why not spend 1/2 that much effort thinking about your favorite water?

The most simple way to drink healthy water is to start the day with 500ml of “Smart Water.” I like it because it’s purified with a charcoal filter, then distillation, then with ozone, and then they add back magnesium and potassium (which helps the taste) … and it’s not out of the park expensive. (Here’s the details about how they prepare it).

I will vary my water intake with Pellagrino and Perrier and other waters when out to dinner. I also like filling a glass 1/2 with Perrier and 1/2 with grapefruit juice to take the place of Coke and similar products.

If you have another favorite water or a home water purifier, then go for it!

HUGE TIP–You will drink more water if you drink it at room temperature. Test me on that one.

Also, sometimes when I’m fasting, and sometimes between meals, I’ll mix amino acids with the water to save muscle mass and they help curb appetite (one of my favorites.click to see on Amazon). This was an old Vince Gironda trick (who was preaching low-carb eating before anyone knew Dr. Atkins existed & who trained Clint Eastwood for the movies).

Hope these “daily” strategies help. The goal is to get you through the Old Testament once in a year and the New Testament twice, remind you of some basic ideas about virtue, and give practical ways to stay healthy.

No one does this perfectly (and I don’t always write these strategies everyday–mostly I write them when I think I need them myself!), but just thinking about health strategies that are practical and doable on a daily basis can still make your life amazingly better.

Read Daniel 1-2
Virtue: Justice-Wrong none by doing injuries or by avoiding the benefits that are your duty
Eat 5 Fruits & Vegetables____________________-
Walk 3 miles______________

Peace & health,


Charles Runels, MD

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