Fall from a house, get up smiling.

“Whosoever of you will be chiefest shall be servant of all.”

While working the emergency room, I once cared for a woman who fell from her house while repairing the roof. She was very beautiful and kind and seemed in good spirits even though she’d just fallen from the roof. When I undressed her, I noticed she had a beautiful young appearing body, and I found no major injuries–she was 82 years old.

When I asked her how she remained young and happy and tough at 82, she gave the answer that I ALWAYS hear when I ask that question of people in their 80’s who appear younger and brighter than their peers.

She said, “I never smoked, I walk every day, & I visit people in the nursing home.”

Sure people live to be 100 and up routinely, but those whom I’ve met who not only live but remain healthy and vibrant past the age of 80 ALWAYS are still walking & are still practicing loving others through service.

Hope this helps.

Read Mark 10-11
Virtue: Industry-Lose no time. Be always employed at something useful
Eat 5 Fruits & Vegetables____________________-
Walk 3 miles______________

Peace & health,

Charles Runels, MD
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