10-Day Experiment

The book of Daniel ends with visions, dreams and stories that inspired and baffled scholars and believers for a few thousand years.

But, how does the book start?

With the prophet deciding what he will eat
and what he will not eat.

1.  Decided to NEVER eat or drink a few things that he thought would not be best for body and spirit.

Is there anything you’re willing to NEVER eat or drink because you’ve found them to be that destructive?


No need for a long complicated list…
just decide to not eat or drink those few things.  We’re not going for perfect diet…
we’re going for perfectly avoiding a few things that you know rip you apart.


2.  Second thing that Daniel decided to do?  To, drink water and eat vegetables!

Fascinating to me that a book that tells of great acts of prophecy and feats of faith…
begins with the decision to drink water and to eat vegetables.

Do you think that when you are thrown into the fiery furnace of your work,
or the lion’s den of disaster and diappointment of loss,
that eating vegetables and drinking water could be a beginning point for surviving?

Daniel thought so, too.

Here’s the strategy for the day…

Do the same 10-day test that Daniel suggested in Chapter 1.

1.  Completely avoid whatever’s on your “never” list.

2.   Do consume the following every day…
a.  5 fruits or vegetables per day.  One serving is 1 cup of vegetables or 1 medium sized piece of fruit
b.  8 glasses of water per day.  I prefer water at room temperature (seems to be easier to drink more of it).

These two keystone habits will automatically change many other habits.
And, of course they fit perfectly with the 1,3,5-Plan for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

365 Health Strategies:  November 25
Walk 3 Miles_______________
Eat 5 Fruits/Vegetables______
Read Daniel Chapter  12_____

Peace & health,


Charles Runels, MD

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